Two exciting threads are coming together in Inverness in early October, each with a strong message of justice. These are the Inverness March for Justice and a visit from the Christian Aid Tax Bus.

TAX BUS part of the Tax Justice Tour by a red double-decker bus to highlight how developing countries lose $160bn every year due to tax avoidance. Open meeting at Inshes Church, Thursday 4 October, 7pm.
Christian Aid is currently campaigning for international tax justice, exposing the injustice of multinationals shifting money around the world in order to avoid paying tax to the poorest countries whose resources they are exploiting.  Christian Aid believes that tax dodging costs poorer countries $160bn a year – money that could be spent on hospitals, schools and roads – and that greater financial transparency is key to ensuring that poor countries receive the tax revenue they are due.
To highlight this, Christian Aid is organising a Tax Bus Tour around the UK and Ireland, including Inverness.  There will be an information meeting, open to all, with talks and films, a time for questions and answers, refreshments – and of course the Tax Bus itself. This meeting will take place in Inshes Church (near the Inshes Tesco) at 7:30pm on Thursday 4 October. There is plenty of parking nearby.
Watch the tax bus video here:
Jan Satyagraha: 'Fight against hunger’ March for Justice: a unique walk for all ages, featuring exhibitions at city churches highlighting land rights issues in India.
Saturday 6 October. Start at St Stephen’s, Southside Road, at 11.30am.
The Inverness March for Justice mirrors similar marches across the UK, all in support of a massive march from all corners of India to petition the government in New Delhi, demanding rights to the land that the people live on. They cannot make a decent living from the land due to the restrictions imposed by absent landowners.  To this day, the Highlands of Scotland have faced very similar issues. Our march will be a walk from church to church in the centre of Inverness.  At each church we will have a stage of an exhibition about the issues, with refreshments as well. If you can’t or don’t want to complete the whole route, just take in those stages that you feel able to do. We want people of all ages and abilities, including families with children, to take part. We want YOU!
The March will take place on Saturday 6th October, in groups of ten to fifteen, starting at St Stephen’s Church, Southside Road, at 11:30am and finishing at Crown Church, Kingsmills Road, with stops at six churches along the way. Very limited parking at St Stephens Church but parking available at Crown Primary School next to Crown Church.
Follow the journey in India here:

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