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Month: September 2023

OHSS October 2023 Newsletter

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Harvest Celebrations and Family Fun Flower Festival

Sweaty Church at St Stephen’s

Sweaty Church Saturday 23 September from 4pm to 6pm at St Stephen’s Church Hall. Fun and games for children and families followed by food. Free entry. Theme: Eating and Sharing.

Libya Floods Urgent Appeal

Hi Old High St Stephen’s Church,

I’m sure you know by now the devastation that has been wrought on the eastern city of Derna in Libya by Storm Daniel.

On Sunday 10th, just over a week ago, extremely heavy rainfall caused two dams to burst – sending torrents of water and debris through streets and communities.

Thousands have lost their lives, homes have been destroyed and the daily rhythm of life turned upside down. It’s hard to imagine the scale of the suffering. We know the death toll will continue to rise as more bodies are uncovered but, already, rescuers and aid agency staff are working hard to bring relief and hope to all they can.

Christian Aid has therefore launched an appeal to strengthen the support we can give through our partner, Dan Church Aid, to people who have lost their homes, livelihoods and loved ones. 

Please give today to support our life-saving response to this emergency.

Donate now

Our response:

We are working together with Dan Church Aid, our partner, who are long-established in Libya. Emergency supplies, to meet the most basic and pressing needs, will be given out to families who are facing the coming weeks without a home or any of their possessions:

  • Medical assistance, supplies and pharmaceuticals
  • Emergency shelter
  • Sanitation and hygiene kits 
  • Food
  • Longer term, Dan Church Aid will look to contribute rubble clearance and reconstruction efforts, using machinery. With winter approaching, needs will become even more acute, so they will be helping families prepare.  
  • In this critical moment, we seek your solidarity and compassion. Together, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by this crisis.
  • Thank you,
  • Michael Mosselmans
  • Head of Humanitarian
  • Christian Aid
  • P.S. Families have been devastated, losing their homes and the people they love. If you can, please give now, to send life-saving supplies to those most in need.

OHSS Sunday Service 17 September 2023

Preacher : Rev James Bissett

Music : Ron Stevenson

Reader : Derick Robertson

Welcome and intimations


Call to worship

Hymn 162 The God of Abraham Praise


Introductory thought

Hymn 255 Father hear the prayer we offer

Do Justice

Reading Micah 6:1-8

Hymn 362 heaven shall not wait

Love Mercy

Matthew 18:21-35

Hymn 685 a place at the table

Walk humbly with your Lord


Hymn 473 thy kingdom come on bended knee


Crown Church Newsletter September 2023

Please click on the link below:


OHSS Sunday Service – 10 September 2023

Preacher : Rev Doug McRoberts

Music : Pam McCulloch

Reader : Linda MacGregor

Welcome and intimations
Call to Worship
Hymn 198 “Let us build a house”
Introductory thought: What’s in a name?
Hymn 527 “Lord, make us servants of your peace”
Reading John 20: 19-31

Hymn 535 “Who would true valour see”
Sermon: Thomas – no doubt!
Hymn 432 “How often we, like Thomas” tune: Ellacombe 367
Hymn 419 “Thine be the glory”

OHSS Sunday Service – 3 September 2023

Preacher : Rev Doug McRoberts

Music: Andrew Stevenson

Reader : Jim Alexander

Welcome and intimations

Call to Worship

Hymn 78 “Oh, set ye open unto me”


Introductory thought: Death & Taxes…

Hymn 336 “Christ is our light!”

Readings             Matthew 4: 12-17
                              Matthew 9: 1-13

Hymn 339 “Sing of Andrew, John’s disciple”  

Sermon: Matthew’s call – “Follow Me!”

Hymn 251 “I, the Lord of sea and sky”  


Hymn 680 “You are called to tell the story”


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