Welcome to Old High St Stephen's Church, Inverness

OHSS Sunday Service 11 July 2021

Preacher : Deacon Dot Getliffe

Music : Ron Stevenson

Reader : Kirsteen Murray Romans 8 : 9-17 : and John 3 : 1-3

Hymn 600 : Spirit of God, unseen as the wind

Hymn 599 : Holy Spirit, hear us; help us while we sing

Hymn 603 : For your gift of God the Spirit


Funeral Announcement – Mr John Warren Smith


OHSS Sunday Service 18 July 2021

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  1. William Habib Steele Steele

    Dot, my heart was warmed by your sermon. I’m so glad I listened to the service instead of having my usual time with God before going to bed.

    I was pleased to hear you refer to the Holy Spirit as She. It reminded me of a pastor in a Grand Rapids Michigan refer to the Father, Son and Sister. I think that’s a lovely way to thing of the Holy Spirit.

    God bless you and your ministry!

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