Welcome to Old High St Stephen's Church, Inverness

Sunday Service 9th August

Online service from Old High St Stephen’s Church, Inverness for Sunday 9th August

Preacher: Dot Getliffe

Reading: Fiona Kelly

Music: Pam Mc, Ron Stevenson, Ellie Kammer

Published: Claire Darcy

Hymns from CH4:
Hymn 132 Immortal Invisible
Hymn 540 I heard a voice of Jesus say


Old High St Stephens Service 2nd August


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  1. Dorothy Getliffe DCS

    Just listened to audio service today with 2 folks from OHSS in our garden. It was magical. Gr8 laugh as we walked around the grass with kazoo and tambourines, singing : You shall go out with joy! We had an interesting discussion about what it means to be ‘selfless’ and enjoyed Jim Alexander’s prayer. Thanks God!

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