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Sunday Service 12th July

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Online service from Old High St Stephen’s Church, Inverness for Sunday 12th July
Preacher: Deacon Dot Getliffe
Music: Ron Stevenson, Elkie Kammer
Reading: David Martin & Roberta McIntosh
Hymns from CH4:
Hymn 137 All Things Bright & Beautiful
Hymn 565 My Life flows on ( How can I keep from Singing)
Edited: Claire Darcy


Sunday Service 5th July


Speaking Stones

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  1. Florence Munro

    Another first class service Dot, I did not get round to letting anyone know about favourite hymns: I have two and they are as follows:
    Hymn 476 – Mine eyes have seen the glory
    Hymn 551 – In heavenly love abiding
    Thank you too for your little card asking about a prayer group but I only got on to Zoom once and though I could see and hear you I was unable to get you through to speak. I seem to be losing my confidence with the technology at this time. Do keep us both in your prayers.

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