Rev Peter W Nimmo (Inverness Courier)

This Sunday, 14 June, will be the last Sunday that the Rev Peter Nimmo will lead us in worship as our Minister. Peter will lead us, from the Manse, in a service of Holy Communion.

You take part in the service either over the Internet, or by phone. Contact us for details of how to watch or listen.

Please join us before the service begins at 10am.

Please prepare before the service a small cup or glass of wine, and some bread, which you (and anyone in your house who wishes to) can partake of during the service.

After the service, there will be a short presentation by our Session Clerk, and a chance for a chat via Zoom.

If are unsure of of how to take part, feel free to call Peter before Sunday, and he will be happy to talk you through the process.

The service will be recorded and posted to our YouTube channel. We will also distribute CDs to those who want them.

(Photo above by Inverness Courier)