Our minister has sent this message to the congregation:

Christian Aid Week, which begins this Sunday, is usually a highlight of our year at Old High St Stephen’s. Everyone seems to get involved, as we Think, Act and Pray for the poorest people in the world.

Around the planet, the poorest are the worst hit by the Coronavirus pandemic. We are all feeling the hardship of lockdown, and all the uncertainty it brings. Yet, compared to many people, we are blessed to have homes to which we can retreat to self-isolate in, and an excellent healthcare system to help when its needed.

We have been reminded recently of just how interconnected our world is. The injustices of our unequal world affects us all. So I hope you will still take part in Christian Aid Week this year- but safely!

The door-to-door collection is such a wonderful witness to our parish. We can’t do that this year. However, there will be Christian Aid Week posters on our church noticeboards, with information about how to give.

You, too can help, by putting a wee notice on your front door or gate. Local Christian Aid chair, David Crippen of Crown Church, has produced a simple sheet with a web link. There’s also a QR code- people with the right phone can photograph it and go straight to the link. Click here to download David’s sheet for you to print out (you may want to put it in a clear plastic pocket to keep it dry!

The link leads you to an Inverness Christian Aid fundraising page:

All funds raised through David’s Just Giving Page will go to Christian Aid, but this way we can get a sense of what Inverness is giving. Please help David reach his target of £20,000!

There is also a fund of resources on the national Christian Aid Week page. As well as giving directly there, you can learn how to do a fundraiser from the comfort of your own sofa! We don’t have any paper Christian Aid Week envelopes this year, but you can send your friends and family a personalised message in an e-Envelope!

Do let me know if you do some fundraising, and we can let other know if it is possible for them to take part too.

Finally, I commend to you the worship and prayer on the Christian Aid website. There are prayers for each day, as well as other worship and study resources. Why not use the daily readings, reflectinos and prayers for each day of Christian Aid week, from Sunday onwards:

You might also be blessed by the selection of ‘Prayers in a time of coronavirus’ from Christian Aid:

That page includes a quotation from St Paul, one of my favourite Bible passages, which we really need to hear at this time:

For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor rulers, nor things present, nor things to come… will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord’

Romans 8:38-39

May God bless you and yours!
Keep safe,

The Rev Peter W Nimmo
Minister of Old High St Stephen’s Parish Church, Inverness