Sunday 28 April 2019: Second Sunday of Easter

10am  Congregational Service at St Stephen’s: Annual Meeting and Ordination of New Elder

No Service at the Old High

NEWS FROM OUR CONGREGATION (Contact details from the Church Administrator)

NEXT SUNDAY: CONGREGATIONAL SERVICE AT ST STEPHEN’S For our Annual Meeting, we will hold a Congregational Service at St Stephen’s at 10am (no service at Old High). We will hear a report from our Treasurer, Ken Cantlay, look back on the year 2018, and have the joy ordaining a new elder, Rosa McDermid. Join us in the hall afterwards where you can ask questions and enjoy discussion! Our Accounts are now available: copies are at the door of the Church, or you can contact our Church Administrator for copies.

KIRK SESSION will meet at 9.45am next Sunday in connection with the Ordination the new elder. More details from Christine Mackenzie.

LOCAL CHURCH REVIEW The Presbytery’s regular 5 yearly Local Church Review (LCR) for Old High St Stephen’s is now underway. The visiting team are Rev Ian Manson (Kilmorack and Erchless), Rev Robert Brookes (Cawdor and Croy), Sheila Proudfoot (Ness Bank) and Jim Anderson (also Ness Bank). The team have already met with the Leadership Group and this was a very good meeting. The next step is to meet with the Kirk Session and Congregation. This meeting will be held in the Old High Church Hall on Saturday 27 April from 10.00 – 11.45 am. Refreshments will be provided from 9.30 am. This is an important meeting as it gives everyone an opportunity to have input into the future of our congregation going forward and particularly towards moving to one place of worship, please come if you can. If you have any questions on this Review please speak to the Minister, or to Christine MacKenzie. The Rev Ian Manson has provided the details of the purpose of the meeting: see separate page, which you should bring along on the day.

OLD HIGH CHURCH OPENING PROGRAMME 2019 The Old High Church will be open from 2-4 pm each Friday afternoon from 19 April until 31 May. The Summer Opening Programme will commence on Tuesday 4 June (10am-12 noon and 2-4pm) on Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday and Friday each week. We are organising an Open Afternoon for new Volunteers next month. It is not too late to join the Team. For more information please contact Sheila MacLeod.

Old High Music On Saturday 27 April at 12 noon we are delighted to welcome back Kevin Duggan, Director of Music at Dunblane Cathedral. Some of you will remember the outstanding organ recital he gave in 2017. For this occasion he has crafted together a programme around the theme “Danish Connections”, covering the period from Buxtehude in the 17th century, via Nielsen in the 20th to his own composition – all of which he will introduce on the day. We hope that many of those attending the Congregational Meeting in the OH Hall that morning will come across to the church afterwards to enjoy this hour of music. Brochures are at the doors detailing the recitals for 2019. More details from Andrew Stevenson. Join the Music Email list: ohssmusic<at>gmail.com.

St Stephen’s Church and Community Choir present ‘May’s Miscellany’ – a concert to uplift the spirit- at the One Touch Theatre, Eden Court at 7.30pm on Wednesday 8 May. This is our debut at Eden Court where we look forward to your continued support. We are lucky to be supported by two local young musicians, Sandy Scott-Brown (cello) and Catriona Mackenzie (piano) who I am sure will delight you with their skill and musicianship. The proceeds from this concert will go to the Calman Trust. Tickets (£12) are available from Eden Court though please ask any choir member to assist if you have difficulty accessing the box office. Contact Pam McCulloch.

MEET & EAT There will be a Lunch at 12.30pm at the Craigmonie Hotel on Thursday 25 April. Everyone is welcome. Further information from Val Cantlay (231 298) val.cantlay@btinternet.com

HIGHLAND FOOD BANK I received a letter from Highland Food Bank thanking us for our continued support. The requests for April and May are for deodorant for men and women, tins of corned beef and tins of potatoes. Margaret Neville.

RETIRING OFFERING We collected the fantastic sum of £501.37 for the Flood Appeal for East Africa and the money has now been forwarded to Christian Aid. Ken Cantlay.

PASTORAL CARE Peter, or your Elder, should be informed of anyone ill at home.

CHRISTIAN AID COFFEE MORNING The coffee morning will be held on Saturday 11 May in St Stephen’s Hall from 10am to 12 noon. There will be the usual baking and gardening stalls for which donations will be welcome and they can be dropped off at St Stephen’s vestry on Friday 10 May at 7.30pm. The hall will be available the same evening for setting up. Tickets will be available at St Stephen’s on 28 April and at both churches on 5 May. Further information from Jennifer Morrison.

CHRISTIAN AID WEEK 12-18 MAY 2019 collection envelopes available for collectors to pick up at both churches today. Contact Deborah Macrae if you have any questions or if you want to become a collector. All help welcome.

READERS AT OLD HIGH WANTED Our band of regular readers at the Old High on Sunday mornings is gradually diminishing. Please contact Margaret Young if you would like to swell our numbers. Thanks.

TABLE FOR SALE We have a handsome wooden table at the Old High Church which is surplus to requirements, and for sale to any member in return for a donation. If you interested, please contact Pat MacLeod, Church Administrator.

SUNDAY BULLETIN Please send items for this sheet to our Church Administrator: Mrs Pat MacLeod (079 342 85924)invernesschurch<at>gmail.com. Deadline Wednesday at 12 noon. Please keep items as brief as possible, and include contact details and/or e-mail.


Local Church Review: Old High St Stephen’s

Congregational meeting

Saturday 27th April, 10.00 – 11.45, Old High Church Hall

The meeting will be led by four people appointed by the Presbytery to be the Local Church Review team for the parish: Rev Ian Manson, Rev Robert Brookes, Sheila Proudfoot and Jim Anderson.  Their role is to help the congregation to produce its five-year plan.

The time will be divided into three sessions…

  1. Thinking about the context we find ourselves in and the broader picture of what is happening in the Church of Scotland, as a basis for starting to think about what are the most important tasks facing our church today.
  1. Thinking more specifically about our own situation, and stepping out of our immediate concerns, we will think about what we would like our church to be known for in ten years’ time.
  1. Thinking more practically about what steps we might take to move towards what we would like to become, and how we might come up with a plan for the next five years which can take us in that direction.

Rev Ian Manson

Review Team Convenor