The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland has released this specially written prayer in response to the EU referendum vote, which reflects on the uncertainty and conflicting emotions it has raised.
The Rt Rev Dr Russell Barr, minister of Cramond, says at this time of change, people will wish to think about what the vote means for them, their friends and neighbours who may not all be in agreement about what the future holds.
Commenting on his decision to contribute the prayer he said

“I hope by releasing these words, people can find some hope and comfort amidst the instability this decision has inevitably caused. As a Church, this is not the decision our General Assembly sought but we have always recognised the differing opinions within our congregations as well as the wider community. Now the decision has been taken it is time to come together and consider how best to proceed. We wish to pray for courageous leadership which will make good decisions, reflecting the will of the people here, across the UK and the European continent. As Christians, we believe God knows no borders and as at this time of change we trust God to guide us in the coming weeks and months.”

Here is the Moderator’s prayer:

God of grace, trusting in Your continuing concern for us and for all creation we bring You our prayers for this land and its people.
We thank You that in all the changed and changing circumstances of life You are always with us Your Spirit around us and within.
With Britain having voted to leave the European Union some people are excited about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead while others are fearful of what it will mean.
Some are pleased with the outcome of the vote and think it good while others are left feeling disappointed and vulnerable.
Hear our prayer for those who will be involved in the coming negotiations people who will make important decisions affecting the political and economic life of our nation and continent.
Grant them Your gifts of wisdom and compassion
a commitment to seek the good of all people
and a desire to protect people weak and the vulnerable.
Free us from all bitterness and recrimination
and in all things grant us the serenity
to accept the things we cannot change,
courage to change the things we can
and wisdom to know the difference
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Moderator has assured churches in Europe that the Church of Scotland will always stand in solidarity with them.
Rev Dr Richard Frazer, Convener of the Church & Society Council, has given this reaction to the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.