A RESPECTFUL DIALOGUE A Debate on the Independence Referendum, chaired by Rev Jan Mathieson, Cawdor and Croy Churches. Blair Jenkins, Yes Scotland, will be debating with Mike Robb, Labour Party. All welcome. Thursday June 26, Inverness, 7.30pm.
The ‘respectful dialogue’ term was used for an event held during the recent General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. The dialogue was chaired by the Moderator of the General Assembly, the Rt Rev John Chalmers. Previously, he had written in an article for the Sunday times:
‘In Scotland, as we stand on the threshold of the most important decision that the Scottish people have faced in peacetime history, we do not need a highly emotive and deeply personalised public rammy…. We need a Respectful Dialogue about Scotland’s future whether it is as an independent nation or as part of the United Kingdom. I am confident that the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland can model the way in which this dialogue should be conducted and I am equally confident that if the Better Together and the Yes campaigners conduct themselves in the same way, then post-referendum healing and recovery will be much more manageable’.
The Moderator has also spoken of the need for respectful dialogue in a recent Scotsman article.
Although this even is not organised by the churches, I hope many Christian people will want to support it.