Many of our  sermons are posted here. The online versions include links to the Bible texts we are exploring and sometimes other links, such as pictures or films.

Preaching the word is central to worship in our Reformed tradition. Most Sundays, this we do this in the Sunday sermon.
Mostly our preaching is based on based on a list of Bible passages for each Sunday, called a ‘lectionary’. We normally use the Revised Common Lectionary, a lectionary used by many churches around the world which you can find here. There’s more about the lectionary here.
The sermon is an ‘event’, which takes place during worship. But many people like to read and ponder again, or catch on up sermons they miss. So we provide notes for many of our sermons online.

Here are some important recent sermons:

Easter Sunday 2018– taking inspiration from the anti-gun protests by young people in the USA, and the self-sacrifice of a French Gendarme

Christmas Eve 2017

The Word is Not a Book

Lord of the Least: Christ the King Sunday 2017

Reflection for the centenary of the outbreak of World War One given at a civic service on the anniversary in August 2014

Reformation Sunday 2017: Martin Luther, faith, truth, and how the church still fails to learn from him

A faith for fools, which reflects on the controversy about the place of worship in Scottish schools (February 2014)

Kirking of the Council 2017: why Buzz Aldrin punched someone, and the threat of fake news

Kirking of the Council 2013: Pontius Pilate and a politician’s dilemma (There is more information about the Kirking here).
Sermon from the week before the 2013 Kirking of the Council

Dedication of Cameron Highlanders Memorial

We hope you enjoy the sermons!