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Christian Aid Week 2020

Our minister has sent this message to the congregation:

Christian Aid Week, which begins this Sunday, is usually a highlight of our year at Old High St Stephen’s. Everyone seems to get involved, as we Think, Act and Pray for the poorest people in the world.

Around the planet, the poorest are the worst hit by the Coronavirus pandemic. We are all feeling the hardship of lockdown, and all the uncertainty it brings. Yet, compared to many people, we are blessed to have homes to which we can retreat to self-isolate in, and an excellent healthcare system to help when its needed.

We have been reminded recently of just how interconnected our world is. The injustices of our unequal world affects us all. So I hope you will still take part in Christian Aid Week this year- but safely!

The door-to-door collection is such a wonderful witness to our parish. We can’t do that this year. However, there will be Christian Aid Week posters on our church noticeboards, with information about how to give.

You, too can help, by putting a wee notice on your front door or gate. Local Christian Aid chair, David Crippen of Crown Church, has produced a simple sheet with a web link. There’s also a QR code- people with the right phone can photograph it and go straight to the link. Click here to download David’s sheet for you to print out (you may want to put it in a clear plastic pocket to keep it dry!

The link leads you to an Inverness Christian Aid fundraising page:

All funds raised through David’s Just Giving Page will go to Christian Aid, but this way we can get a sense of what Inverness is giving. Please help David reach his target of £20,000!

There is also a fund of resources on the national Christian Aid Week page. As well as giving directly there, you can learn how to do a fundraiser from the comfort of your own sofa! We don’t have any paper Christian Aid Week envelopes this year, but you can send your friends and family a personalised message in an e-Envelope!

Do let me know if you do some fundraising, and we can let other know if it is possible for them to take part too.

Finally, I commend to you the worship and prayer on the Christian Aid website. There are prayers for each day, as well as other worship and study resources. Why not use the daily readings, reflectinos and prayers for each day of Christian Aid week, from Sunday onwards:

You might also be blessed by the selection of ‘Prayers in a time of coronavirus’ from Christian Aid:

That page includes a quotation from St Paul, one of my favourite Bible passages, which we really need to hear at this time:

For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor rulers, nor things present, nor things to come… will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord’

Romans 8:38-39

May God bless you and yours!
Keep safe,

The Rev Peter W Nimmo
Minister of Old High St Stephen’s Parish Church, Inverness

Thought from the Park: 6 May 2020

Our minister, Peter, shares a thought for Easter from an unsual place to walk a dog!

Notice regarding the Call of the Rev Peter W Nimmo to Cambuslang

The following Notice has been issued today (6 May 2020) by the Clerk of the Presbytery of Inverness:

Glasgow Presbytery has sustained the call of Rev Peter Nimmo to their Cambuslang congregation. The Inverness Presbytery Vacancy Procedure Committee are agreed to release Peter from his charge of Inverness Old High St Stephen’s, with the provisional date of his induction on 25 June.

If any four of members of Presbytery or members of the congregation, whether collectively or separately, request that this be referred to a “meeting” of the Presbytery contact me by email or post by noon on Sunday May 17, with reasons, when the release will be withheld until the Presbytery can meet to deal with their request, otherwise Mr Nimmo will be released from his charge from the date of his induction.

Trevor G Hunt,

Presbytery Clerk, Presbytery of Inverness

inverness<a>churchofscotland.org.uk (replace <a> with @)

Sunday Worship 3 May 2020 Easter 4

Click on the orange button above to listen to our online service from Old High St Stephen’s Church, Inverness for Sunday 3 May, the Fourth Sunday of Easter.
Preacher: Rev Peter W Nimmo
Hymns from CH4:
14 The Lord’s my Shepherd (Psalm 23)
645 I’m not ashamed to own my Lord
Bible reading: John 10. 1-10 read by Hannah Bishop
Prayer of Approach and Confession by Rev Arthur Sinclair
Music by Pam McCulloch, Elke Kammer and Ron Stevenson
Edited by Daniel Nimmo

Sunday Worship 26 April Easter 3

Click on the orange button above to listen to our online service for Sunday 26 April 2020, the Third Sunday of Easter.

Preacher: Deacon Dot Getliffe

Hymns from CH4:
425 The Saviour died, but rose again
532 Lord, you have come from the seashore
Bible reading: John 20.30- 21.14 read by Roy Pederson

Prayer for others by Malcolm Macrae
Music by Pam McCulloch, Elke Kammer and Ron Stevenson
Edited by Daniel Nimmo

Listen to more services at our Soundcloud page.

Sunday Worship 19 April 2020 Easter 2

Click on the orange button above to listen to our online service for Sunday 29 March 2020, the Second Sunday of Easter
Preacher: the Rev Peter W Nimmo

Hymns from CH4:
419 Thine be the glory, risen, conquering Son’
415 ‘This joyful Eastertide’
Bible reading: John 20.19-31 read by Andy Pyott
Prayers by the Rev Andrew Lyon
Music by Pam McCulloch, Anna Aalders and Ron Stevenson
Edited by Daniel Nimmo

Listen to more services at our Soundcloud page.

An Easter Thought from the Park

Our minister, Peter, shares a thought for Easter from the manse garden

OHSS Spring 2020 Magazine

You can download a copy of the latest Magazine here

We have posted out this magazine to those who have requested it. If you know someone who needs a paper copy because they cannot access the Internet please let us know at the email below.

The following letter from the Minister has gone out with the print edition:


Dear friends,

Here is a special edition of your Church Magazine. We apologise for the lower print quality than usual. Our normal printing is not available, so this has had to be printed on the Risograph at the Manse (and many thanks to Katharina producing it!).

We are sending this because we think you do not have access to the Internet. If you do, you can find the full colour version of the magazine at our website https://www.oldhighststephens.com/2020/04/13/ohss-spring-2020-magazine/ .

If you know of anyone else who would usually get a magazine, but is unable to access the Internet, please let us know at the Manse.

In the very difficult circumstances of the Coronavirus lockdown, the work of the church carries on. Myself, our Pastoral Assistant the Rev Arthur Sinclair, our Mission Development Worker Deacon Dot Getliffe, and our elders, are continuing to keep in touch with the congregation. If you or anyone else would like one of us to call, please do let us know. We are really trying to keep in touch with you, and would be happy to help with any needs you might have.

We are also continuing our worship by producing Sunday services, which are accessible via our website. However, if you would like us to send you the Sunday service on a CD (compact disc) please call the Manse and we will delivered it to you.

Many people bring the weekly offerings to church on a Sunday, but at the moment we are not receiving this income. If that is what you do, could you consider changing over to using a Standing Order, so that your offering goes straight to our bank? Alternatively, it is possible to post us a cheque for the amount you would normally give, or even make a direct payment to the bank. Please contact us and we can tell you more.

Please do keep safe, and keep in touch!

God bless you and yours,


Cartoon by Dave Walker CartoonChurch.com

Cartoon by Dave Walker, CartoonChurch.com


O God at these troubling times I worry so much

Lord help me

To leave my worries with you

To accept help gratefully

To take advice humbly

To know that you see me as I really am and yet still love me

Thank you that in the midst of this storm I can know your peace

Thank you that in a world where there is such illness and panic we can know your calm and peace

Thank you that we have a family the Church, which still upholds the faith.

O God help me put my trust in you. And in trusting know that you are with me.


(from the Rev Roderick Macdonald, Beith Parish Church)

Please note, to enable us to contact you to update you on activities during this period of Coronavirus lockdown, please ensure you send your e-mail details to the Church Adminstrator at:

invernesschurch<a>gmail.com (replace <a> with @)

Easter Sunday Worship 12 April 2020

Click on the orange button above to listen to our special online service for Easter Sunday, 12 April 2020.

Sing along with the hymns (from The Church Hymnary, Fourth Edition (CH4):
410 Jesus Christ is risen today
559 There is a Redeemer

Scripture reading: 1 Peter 1:1-9

Music by Pam McCulloch and Heather Sim
Edited by David Sim

More services to listen to at our at our Soundcloud page.

Good Friday worship 10 April 2020

A reflective service for Good Friday, led by the Rev Arthur Sinclair, our Pastoral Assistant. Arthur is a priest of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

The hymns (from CH4) are:
380 There is a green hill far away
392 When I survey the wondrous cross

Introduced by the Rev Peter W Nimmo
Music: Pam McCulloch
Edited by Daniel Nimmo

More services to listen to at our at our Soundcloud page.

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