7.30pm Faith for the Future: Lent Study and Worship

at St Stephen’s

Sunday 24 March 2019: Third Sunday in Lent

10am    Morning Worship at St Stephen’s

11:15am Morning Worship at the Old High

7.30pm Faith for the Future: Lent Study and Worship

at St Stephen’s


LENT STUDY: FAITH FOR THE FUTURE Peter, our minister, will be offering a Lent Study and discussion on Sunday nights in Lent. We live in an age of uncertainty, where many fear for the future. Brexit, the rise far right politics, climate change, and much more, are causes of concern for many people. The prophets on the Old Testament spoke to people in their times of uncertainty – what can we learn from them that would help us to have hope today and in the years to come. Can we have a faith for the future? Sunday evenings, starting on this evening, 7.30-8.30pm at St Stephen’s. With time for prayer, worship and a chat over tea! Contact Peter for more details.

PASTORAL CARE Peter, or your Elder, should be informed of anyone ill at home or in hospital.

CRAFT EVENING St Stephen’s Hall 7.30–9pm, Wednesday 20 March. Crafters and non-crafters welcome (you may wish to learn a craft). Friendly atmosphere and refreshments provided. Margaret McAleer.

HIGHLAND FOOD BANK I have received a letter from Lorna at the Food Bank, thanking the congregation for their continued support and donations. She has asked that, for the months of February and March they would welcome donations of tins of corned beef, tins of potatoes, small sizes of washing powder and small sizes of washing up liquid. they are particularly short of those items. Many thanks for your continued support. Contact Margaret Neville.

CHRISTIAN AID WEEK 12-18 MAY 2019 Come and help collect for Christian Aid. Please contact Deborah Macrae if you want to find out more. All help welcome.

CHRISTIAN AID COFFEE MORNING Saturday 11 May in St Stephen’s Hall. There will be the usual plant stall for which contributions will be welcome. Contact Jennifer Morrison for further information.

OLD HIGH CHURCH OPENING Once again we are appealing to the congregation to help us open the Old High to visitors this summer. Last year we had a over 6,500 visitors, many of them from around the world. However we are finding that more and more local people are taking the chance to visit the building. We have had hundreds of prayer tags put on the Prayer Tree, so it’s obvious we are meeting a real spiritual need for a quiet space in our busy city centre. Please do consider giving a few hours to be part of this fantastic outreach by our congregation. All our volunteers report that it is fascinating, enjoyable, and fulfilling to meet our visitors. If you would like to know more, please contact our Church Administrator, Pat MacLeod.

WORD FOR TODAY The latest free daily readings guide is now in the vestibules of both churches. Contact Ruth Martin.

CROSSREACH Latest news magazine and prayer diary are available at church doors. Rae Swan.

TABLE FOR SALE We have a handsome wooden table at the Old High Church which is surplus to requirements, and for sale to any member in return for a donation. If you interested, please contact Pat MacLeod, Church Administrator.

RECORDINGS OF SERVICES If you or someone you know can’t get to church, we have recordings of our services available on CDs or USB sticks (which lets you listen on your computer). Please contact Pat, our Church Administrator, for more information.

OLD HIGH MUSIC Brochures are at the doors detailing the recitals for 2019. More details from Andrew Stevenson. Join the Music Email list: ohssmusic<at>gmail.com.

SUNDAY BULLETIN Our Church Administrator is going on holiday. Please send items for Sunday Bulletins 24 March and 31 March to her by Monday 18 March at 12 noon. Please keep items as brief as possible, and include contact details and/or e-mail. (079 342 85924) invernesschurch<at>gmail.com


THE WASHINGTON AND LEE UNIVERSITY SINGERS from Lexington, Virginia, USA, will perform at Ness Bank Church on Tuesday 16 April 2019 at 7pm. Concert repertoire includes Irish and Scottish selections, American Folk Hymns, and Spirituals. Free entrance. For information and seat reservation please e-mail performancesbooking<at>gmail.com.

THE COLUMBA EXPERIENCE is an 8-day pilgrimage through Argyll, where a group of 18-25 year old pilgrims learn the legacy of Christian pioneers, explore faith and create community. Organised by the Church of Scotland’s Presbytery of Argyll Youth Team. Experienced youth workers lead each pilgrimage, and accommodation along the way is provided by churches and Christian groups. People taking part can come from any faith background or none – all are welcome. We try to keep the costs of this as low as possible, and this year we are asking for a contribution of £35 from each participant. If money would be the only reason you couldn’t take part, please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. The deadline for application forms is Friday 10 May 2019. Contact Kenny Wilson: kwilson@churchofscotland.org.uk More at https://www.churchofscotland.org.uk/news_and_events/news/2018/young_people_to_follow_in_the_footsteps_of_st_columba

INK CARTRIDGES RECYCLING If you have individual or accumulated old ink cartridges they can be recycled by putting them in a free post envelope from Currys/PC World. A small supply of these envelopes are available in St Stephen’s front door vestibule. David Martin.

More at www.churchofscotland.org.uk/news_and_events/news/2019/take_up_the_challenge_to_tackle_climate_change_this_lent