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Month: March 2019

Sunday Bulletin 24 March 2019



7.30pm Faith for the Future: Lent Study and Worship

at St Stephen’s

Sunday 31 March 2019: Fourth Sunday in Lent

10am  Morning Worship at St Stephen’s

11:15am Morning Worship at the Old High

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Light, darkness… and shade: Sermon for Transfiguration, 3 March 2019

Scripture Readings: Exodus 24:12-18

Luke 9.28-43a

In the name of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.

Nowadays, we quite often say that fanatical fans of pop stars, sports stars or other celebrities ‘idolise’ their heroes, and we often speak of such famous people as ‘idols’. We mean nothing especially pejorative about the term- when we say that some sportsman or pop star is an ‘idol’ to his fans, that’s a fairly morally neutral term in today’s culture.

But the word idols has its roots in the Bible, and where it very much has negative overtones. Near the top of the list in the Ten Commandments God gave Moses as a way to create a just society, God said that they should not worship any idols. And the Old Testament prophets of Israel spent a lot of time talking about idols, warning against false gods which people often worshipped.

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