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Month: February 2015

Belladrum Tartan Heart tickets auction

Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival have kindly donated 2 pairs of 3-day tickets to the 2015 festival, which we are able to sell to raise money towards our fabric funds.
These much sought-after tickets originally cost £135 plus booking fee each, and are now sold out elsewhere.
To bid for the tickets:

  1. please email invernesschurch[a]gmail.com, (replace [a] with @)
  2. give the full names you wish to have on the tickets
  3. put “Bellardum tickets” in the subject line.

The top two bids will win a pair of 3-day tickets each (for 6,7 and 8 August). Closing date for entries: Friday 6 March. Contact us for more details.

A glimpse of light: a sermon for Transfiguration Sunday 2015


2 Peter 1:16-21

Matthew 17.1-9

A glimpse of light

In the name of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.

Nowadays, we quite often say that fanatical fans of pop stars, sports stars or other celebrities ‘idolise’ their heroes, and we often speak of such famous people as ‘idols’. We mean nothing especially pejorative about the term- when we say that some sportsman or pop star is an ‘idol’ to his fans, that’s a fairly morally neutral term in today’s culture. We just think it’s slightly crazy that, especially young people, should show such an interest in these performers.
But the word idols has its roots in the Bible, and where it very much has negative overtones

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Old High Church media report: a correction

Following a media report about the Old High Church, the Minister, the Rev Peter W Nimmo, has issued a statement:

Old High St Stephens’ congregation has been very grateful for the coverage in the media given to our attempts to secure the future of the Old High Church.
However, a media report has today appeared suggesting that we have been receiving a large number of donations. This is not the case.
Although the local community and various bodies have offered support, the support we have been receiving has not, yet, been financial.
The support at this stage is from many people and organisations who have stated that they are willing to work with us to ensure a future for the Old High.
We are having many positive conversations, in which it is apparent that people understand the importance to the city of the Old High building, with many good ideas being suggested to help resolve the situation.
We are very grateful for the moral support from throughout community. That goodwill is also an encouragement to me and the congregation.
Although it is early days, I am hopeful that, eventually, with the support of partners in the city, we will be able to secure the future of the Old High Church as a place of worship and an important landmark in our city.
Rev Peter W Nimmo, minister of Old High St Stephen’s Church of Scotland, Inverness.

Faith and Current Issues: Discussions in Lent

How should Christian faith affect our attitudes to controversial issues?
A chance for conversations about the big questions facing the world today.
Come to one or come to all!
Each Sunday night in Lent, 7-8pm, beginning 22 February, at St Stephen’s Church, Southside Road, Inverness IV2 4XA
The topics for each week are as follows:
22 February: Economics Inequality, poverty, tax- how do we make our country fairer for all?
1 March: Education Should the church be in our schools? Religious education and religious observance
8 March: International issues War and peace, asylum seekers, refugees- What is the church is doing?
15 March: Caring for the earth Climate change, fracking, sustainable energy. How Green is our Christianity?
22 March The ethics of science Embryo research, Frankenstein foods- should we play God with nature?
Contact us for more information.

Ordinary people, fantastic events: sermon for 8 February 2013

The Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany (Narrative Lectionary)

Text: Matthew 14.13-33

Discipleship in the fast lane
In the name of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.

What I like about the Gospels is that they are very realistic. That might seem a strange thing to say, when we have just heard stories of miraculous feeding and walking on water. The miraculous and unlikely is certainly part of the Gospels. But there are also realistic- the things people do, even in extraordinary situation, the way they react, is often very true to life. People appear in the Gospels warts and all. That’s especially true of Jesus’ disciples, who come across, not as plaster saints, but as very fallible human beings, who often make mistakes and constantly misunderstand their master.

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