John BellKnown to many as a hymn writer, Iona Community member John Bell is a scintillating speaker, much in demand around the world, so we are very lucky to have been able to persuade John to come and speak about ‘The Strange Silence of Biblical Women’ at our Summer Evening service at the Old High, Sunday 21 July, 7.30pm.
John is a native of Kilmarnock, who lives in Glasgow where he studied Arts and Theology. After spells of voluntary work in London and Amsterdam and engagements in student politics, he was ordained by the Church of Scotland. For 10 years he worked in youth ministry before transferring to concentrate on music and worship.
He lectures, preaches and conducts seminars across denominations in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Southern Africa. He is a hymn writer, author and occasional broadcaster on national radio and television (a regular on BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day), but retains a primary passion for congregational song. He, and the work he shares with his colleagues, has been honoured by the Royal School of Music, the Hymn Society in the US and Canada, and the University of Glasgow, the first and second of which bestowed on him the status of Fellowship, the third a Doctorate.
Or you could say about him… John Bell is based in Glasgow and works with his colleagues in the areas of music, worship and spirituality. He does not have a mobile phone, driving licence, camera, i-pod or wife. He has never traced his family origins, played a guitar or eaten a Big Mac. John Bell is neither Leader nor Musical Director of the Iona Community. He is simply one of a team called The Wild Goose Resource Group who for 25 years have been committed to the renewal of music and worship across the UK , Europe, The Americas and Southern Africa.
The service begins at 7.30pm. There will be tea and cake and a short question and answer session.
Our final Summer Speaker this year will be on 11 August 2013: Rev Martin Johnstone, Priority Areas Secretary of the Church of Scotland and Chief Executive of Faith in Community Scotland.
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